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For the last several weeks we have shared some best practices in promoting and running your Bowling 2.0 program to prepare you to be a part of October's National Learn To Bowl Month. The tips we shared came from fellow proprietors and managers already executing their programs with proven success. With October just a few weeks away, it's still not too late to plan for a Bowling 2.0 program in your center. Participating centers in last year's National Learn to Bowl Month had an incredible 48% conversion rate!


If you missed any of our tips, here are the bullet points:


Tip #1 - Always run your Bowling 2.0 Program on the same day and time as you want your new rollover program to start.


Tip #2 - Bowling 2.0 is geared towards BRAND NEW bowlers. Your prospects can come from your casual bowlers that are already visiting you. Providing some type of incentive for your staff to engage these guests is a recommended Best Practice with centers that have already floored a successful Bowling 2.0 program. Consider "trade outs" with your local merchants for some fun incentives, or maybe give the employee with the most Bowling 2.0 sign ups each week a pair of movie tickets, free appetizer at a local restaurant, or dinner for two.


Tip #2a - With all that is going on with our aging population and fundamental changes in healthcare, every business in America is talking about "Health and Wellness programs". Bowling 2.0 is the perfect health and wellness program to offer to any business with 25 or more employees in your market area.


Tip #3 - The "secret sauce" of Bowling 2.0 is the DVD video lessons. The person(s) you are looking for to conduct your Bowling 2.0 is not the same person you need to provide individual lessons. Some of the best coaches in the world are part of this program and provide the detail that allows you to conduct this program. The coach of a Bowling 2.0 program is not teaching from scratch. If you are fortunate enough to have a Bronze or Silver level coach, great, but a person with good people skills and a little bit of bowling knowledge will do just fine. The Best Practice from the Bowling 2.0 centers is to have a lead coach and one additional coach for every 4 lanes. If you have the staff available, one coach for every pair is great but the program can be successful with one coach for every 4 lanes. You want everyone to learn together as a group because on week 5 you want them bowling together.


Tip #4 - Roll 'em over on Week 4 to come back on Week 5. The type of rollover program you offer is up to you but remember: your conversion rate will be in direct proportion to the number of weeks of your rollover program. More of your Bowling 2.0 students will sign up for 8 weeks versus 12 weeks. The choice is yours but the data shows the shorter the better on this first run. It also makes sense to put a ball in their hands in the rollover program. Going "lane to lane" in week 4 is a MUST. Don't just announce your program to the entire group; ask for the sale one on one. "Lane to Lane" is a lost art in our industry but those that have been doing this for a while know how powerful it can be. You have worked hard the last several weeks, planning and executing your Bowling 2.0 program. It is time to make the register ring on week 5!


For an in-depth look at the Bowling 2.0 program, click the image below to watch a :90 minute video from Bowl Expo 2013.


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