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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What should we do if more than enough students come in and try out for the team?
  2. You should form Junior Varsity teams with the excess students from that school. They may compete during your conference play. They may NOT compete in Regionals or the State tournament though.

  3. After the second grade check in January can a student bring in a note from the school indicating that his grade has improved?
  4. No, this is not acceptable. All athletes have known since November of the epgibipty process. To check one athletes grade more than 2 times would mean all high school bowlers across the state would have to have their grades checked again. The grades on the semester grade card determines epgibipty for the remainder of the season.

  5. Are home schooled students allowed to participate in Oklahoma High School Bowling?
  6. It is not possible for the home schooled student to participate in this program. They do not quapfy under the rule that all bowlers attend the school that the team represents. Also, their grades can not be verified by the same method that is used for the other athletes. If you have quite a few home schooled students, it would be a great opportunity for you to have a separate program for them in your center.

  7. Are Junior Varsity bowlers held to the same eligibility standards as the Varsity players?
  8. Yes they are. The Junior Varsity part of this program is a part of Oklahoma High School Bowling, and all rules apply to their participation also.

  9. If I have only a few students try out from a particular school, may they combine and bowl with students from another school?
  10. This is not possible. Students may only bowl for the school which they attend. These students should talk to their friends and get others to try out so they can have a complete team.

  11. What grade must the student be enrolled in to participate in the high school program?
  12. Students must be enrolled in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade to be invited to participate in Oklahoma High School Bowling. Junior High students are not allowed to participate.

  13. What should I do when a bowler shows up and does not meet the dress code requirements of Oklahoma High School Bowling?
  14. The athlete should not be allowed to participate during that session. No sharing of official shirts during any match. Generally, this will only happen once and the bowler will make sure to follow the dress code rule from that time on. If hats are a problem and it persists with the same individual, it is possible that this individual is not cut out for the structure of this program.

  15. May girls and boys bowl on the same team?
  16. If you have a mixed team, that is the only team you may have from that school. You may not have a mixed team and also either a boys or girls team. Any team with boys and girls on the team will bowl in the boys division for Regionals and the State Tournament.


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